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Olha Rudnieva, “If you don’t tell stories, who does?”

Ольга Руднєва: «Якщо ти не розповідаєш історій, то хто?»

The video taken from the resource YouTube

Director of Olena Pinchuk Foundation Olha Rudnieva is a person who knows how to draw attention of the media and social networks to socially significant topics. She seems to do so with ease, turning her own stories into spotlights highlighting the importance of developing charity in Ukraine. Of course, behind this apparent ease is the fundamental work of the Foundation and extensive experience of the Director.

In the new episode of the Podcast of Great Stories, the Director of Zagoriy Foundation Eugenia Mazurenko talked to the guest about charity, the ability to help not only with money and why every leader in the third sector should be a storyteller.

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