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Daryna Brykailo, “We united because we wanted to change something”

Дарина Брикайло: "Ми об'єдналися, бо хотіли щось змінити"

The video taken from the resource YouTube

In the new episode of Podcast of Great Stories, we talked to Daryna Brykailo, co-founder of the Inspiration Family Foundation for Support of Adult Cancer Patients. Daryna told how a group of like-minded people went from friendly initiatives united by working on a common theme to creating a joint foundation.

The Inspiration Family Foundation works in several areas including awareness raising. The organization’s goal is to make sure that every Ukrainian knows what to do if s/he or his/her family members are diagnosed with cancer.

The foundation does not help with money, but provides comprehensive information for those who have had to face a diagnosis. In addition to disseminating information, the organization has a program of emotional support, advocacy, and many ideas and plans for the future. The co-founders of the foundation have personal experience of treatment, which generated a common desire to set up a foundation.

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