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Розтопіть лід своїх упереджень

Що таке «благодійність» та якою вона має бути?

From new to old
15 September, 2022


Russians wanted to capture Kharkiv back in 2014. They were then organizing pro-Russian rallies, trying to seize the local city council while beating up pro-Ukrainian activists whose general staff was located nearby. In April 2014 pro-Russian activists even managed to proclaim «Kharkiv People’s Republic», however, the city remained (pro)Ukrainian. During its full-scale invasion Russia occupied […]

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14 September, 2022

Parmesan at checkpoints: how Kropyvnytskyi is moving one step closer to victory

We are in the central square in the city of Kropyvnytskyi. The red-and-black flag (previously used by the Ukrainian Insurgent Army – translator’s note) flutters on the site where 8 years ago a monument to a Soviet revolutionary, Kirov, used to stand. Below the portraits of Ukrainians killed during the Revolution of Dignity are placed. […]

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10 September, 2022

Rebuilding Chernihiv in times of war: three stories of brave volunteers

Volunteer centers sprang up in the encircled city in the hottest days of hostilities and kept functioning after the siege had been lifted. Here are three stories of coordination volunteer work in Chernihiv and the eponymous region.  Balsanka: humanitarian and social aid In her eighth year as a volunteer, a native of Chernihiv, Olha Palkova-Svirchevska, […]

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05 September, 2022

Until victory: how volonteer centers work in Volyn province

With the beginning of the great war in Lutsk, volunteer centers began operating at full capacity. For most volunteers this came as no surprise, since they have been working in this field since 2014. They have been helping the military, forcibly displaced persons and medical facilities where soldiers undergo treatment. They say that volunteering is […]

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23 August, 2022

Good deeds in Uzhhorod. How its citizens help those affected by war

With the beginning of the Russian full-scale invasion, many cities of Ukraine have become temporary shelters for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians. Many people have offered their homes for fellow Ukrainians who were fleeing the war from other regions of the country. Over these months a decent number of volunteer projects have been launched that […]

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