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Розтопіть лід своїх упереджень

Що таке «благодійність» та якою вона має бути?

From new to old
23 November, 2021

Mykola Davydyuk and the road to modernization of a rural museum in Kharkiv oblast

A story about how seemingly impossible dreams may lead to profound changes.  Have you ever heard of the village Parkhomivka located 100 km of Kharkiv? Do you know that the local museum hosts works of the world renowned artists such as Picasso, Malevich and Kandinsky?   If so, the chances are that you have heard about […]

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Федір Сердюк: як потрапити у список Forbes-30, рятуючи людей
12 November, 2021

Fedir Serdiuk: how to land on the Forbes-30 list by rescuing people

FAST provides 150 international and Ukrainian companies with safety services by teaching the personnel to provide first emergency medical aid and supplying the necessary equipment as well as holding fire safety exercises. We talked to Fedir Serdiuk, the founder of FAST, about social entrepreneurship, altruism and money. How did FAST? Did you want to start […]

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Засновник Veterano Pizza: «Навіть соціально відповідальний бізнес — в першу чергу бізнес» фото 5
12 November, 2021

Veterano Pizza founder: ‘Even socially responsible business remains first and foremost business’

From the first day of its opening Veterano Pizza has not only been about delicious pizza, but about something much more. This is a restaurant where war veterans work together with those who have never been in war. Its atmosphere reminds its visitors about the need to help and support one another not only in […]

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