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10 June, 2022


In this article, the Media of Great Stories tells about the “Volunteers of Culture” initiative. Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, its participants have been helping internally displaced people in the Ivano-Frankivsk region and providing equipment to the Armed Forces. Two men created the initiative. Dmytro Avdieiev, a director of well-known projects “Eat, […]

12 May, 2022

“Our client is locked in the apartment”: how ZooPatrul saves pets

The story of the cat from Borodyanka, which was hiding on the 7th floor of the ruined house, went viral. The cat’s rescue was made possible by a community of ZooPatrul volunteers who have been pulling animals out of abandoned apartments since the start of the full-scale war. We spoke with Sonia Sadovska, co-founder and […]

29 April, 2022

Perspectiva 21.3: How to boil hundreds of liters of soup and keep faith in your mission

Perspectiva 21.3 is a Ukrainian charity organization that protects people’s interests with intellectual disabilities. Their key project is the Center for Social and Labor Adaptation for Young People with Disabilities in Brovary, Kyiv region, where students acquire special skills and learn to live independently. Before the war, students of the Center had an internship in […]

15 April, 2022


In their recent photos on social media, you can see the ordinary life of young people: hiking, travelling abroad, festivals. Lots of fun, laughter, and drive. In the past month and a half, their photos have changed: cars full of boxes and packages, burning houses, military uniforms, and field roads; pictures of immobilized tanks and […]

30 March, 2022

«Pregnancy cannot be paused»: how 280 Days Charity Fund works during the war

We have spoken to the founder of the 280 Days Charity Fund about the needs of pregnant Ukrainian women, doctors and birth attendants, and the power of support and work from the bomb shelter because life must go on. The history of the 280 Days Fund started with the personal story of its founder, Alesia […]

24 March, 2022

“This is a trauma for generations.” How The Voices of Children Foundation works during the war

No child should be left alone with a trauma — that is the mission of the Voices of Children charitable foundation. Since 2015, the foundation has been providing psychological and psychosocial assistance to children affected by the war. For the past few weeks, after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the foundation has been working non-stop […]

07 January, 2022

Disregarded: Why we should provide psychological aid for older people

The problem of a psychological state of other people is underestimated with the society often growing oblivious to it. Natalia Bondarenko, who is a psychologist and expert in developmental psychology and who also holds the position of a Chairwoman of the Board of the Foundation for Supporting Older People ‘Vik Schastia’ (the Ukrainian for ‘The […]

30 December, 2021

How ‘St. Nicholas Reindeer’ brings back holidays to the grey zone

Small towns situated close to the front line can hardly be considered as places where one would like to spend their childhood. Explosions and the sound of shooting can be heard all around. There were times when shells landed on people’s houses. Hardly anyone ventures into this zone. Nothing happens here. However, it is here […]

22 December, 2021

Vogue For All Things Eco-friendly: Ukrainian Designers And Upcycling

Meet the Ukrainian designers who promote world fashion.  The fashion industry is beautiful, expensive and … harmful. In 2012 Natural Science published a report which said that the fabric industry is the second biggest water pollutant in the world after the agricultural sector. With the passing of time journalists started finding out that the fashion industry is […]

07 December, 2021

In the beginning was the cupcake: Good bread from good people share the recipe of maturity

How to open a social business and not burn out? The Good Bread from Good People bakery in Kyiv has been operating for four years and employing people with mental disabilities for the same time. It is one of the most sustainable social enterprises in Ukraine and one of the few that have been operating […]

30 November, 2021

The great start: children ask professionals from the charity sector

What do children know about charity? What do they want to ask about good deeds?We decided to talk to children of all ages and pass their questions to representatives of charitable foundations. Varia, 8 years old 1. I want to do a good deed. What to start from? Liubov Rainchuk, Head of the Culture of […]

23 November, 2021

Mykola Davydyuk and the road to modernization of a rural museum in Kharkiv oblast

A story about how seemingly impossible dreams may lead to profound changes.  Have you ever heard of the village Parkhomivka located 100 km of Kharkiv? Do you know that the local museum hosts works of the world renowned artists such as Picasso, Malevich and Kandinsky?   If so, the chances are that you have heard about […]

12 November, 2021

Fedir Serdiuk: how to land on the Forbes-30 list by rescuing people

FAST provides 150 international and Ukrainian companies with safety services by teaching the personnel to provide first emergency medical aid and supplying the necessary equipment as well as holding fire safety exercises. We talked to Fedir Serdiuk, the founder of FAST, about social entrepreneurship, altruism and money. How did FAST? Did you want to start […]

12 November, 2021

Veterano Pizza founder: ‘Even socially responsible business remains first and foremost business’

From the first day of its opening Veterano Pizza has not only been about delicious pizza, but about something much more. This is a restaurant where war veterans work together with those who have never been in war. Its atmosphere reminds its visitors about the need to help and support one another not only in […]