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Special Projects

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The Country of Kindness. How volunteering changes Ukraine

Ukrainian cities are changing under the influence of volunteer movements. War causes much pain, leaving people without homes and familiar surroundings. But in these conditions, we are observing new phenomena of self-organization, assistance, and involvement in the life of communities of their new inhabitants – internally displaced people. We would like to tell you about Ukraine as a country of goodness. This project is dedicated to volunteer initiatives in various cities of Ukraine that help others during the war. We invite you to see how many cultural and business initiatives are emerging in the new Ukrainian realities, so that after the victory, when it becomes safe, you can know in person those who supported the country in every possible way in a difficult hour.
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The habit of sharing

Персона 2
Why do entrepreneurs and creative professionals invest their time and money in social initiatives? Who are they – the people who set examples of modern philanthropy? We are looking for answers together.
Articles: 5

Who stands behind this?

Обложка Острозькі
Great stories of patrons who built schools, museums, supported book publishing, art, science and made a significant contribution to the formation of Ukraine.
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Podcast of Great Stories

Медіа Великих Історій
We discuss important social initiatives with third sector celebrities and others and answer an important question: why philanthropy is everybody’s business?

Prudent and brave: how prematurely born children and their parents fare in times of war

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It is a considerable challenge to be a child in times of war. Together with their parents these children move abroad, some of them are subjected to filtration camps, while others are forcibly relocated to Russia and ‚adopted‘ there.



Hospital clowns are an emotional support project. Clowns work in hospital wards to support and entertain children with serious illnesses. It all started with a volunteer initiative and later changed into a professional organization with the support of the “Tabletochki” charity foundation. In anticipation of the Christmas holidays in the war, one especially wants to believe in a miracle. We tell about those who encourage us to laugh in the face of the most significant difficulties.