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Olena Balbek, “Giving blood is the simple act of kindness”

Олена Балбек: «Здати кров — найпростіший акт доброти»

The video taken from the resource YouTube

Effective altruism teaches to approach good deeds rationally and to look for a way to bring as much benefit as possible.

Olena Balbek is undoubtedly an effective altruist. First, she came up with the donor initiative “Wednesdays in OKHMATDYT.”

Eventually, the initiative grew into Blood Agents – an NGO that encourages systemic donation.

Olena is a great example of what charity can be like when a person combines the skills of an experienced manager and a desire for change. Listen to Olena Balbek’s talk with the Director of Zagoriy Foundation Eugenia Mazurenko on the Podcast of Great Stories. 

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