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Veteran-run businesses brought together on one platform

Ветеранські бізнеси зібрали на одній платформі

Photo credit: Facebook Veterano PIzza

On the occasion of Defenders and Defendresses of Ukraine the internet marketplace ROZETKA has implemented a project, aimed at supporting businesses run by veterans. 

Their production can be found in such categories as places to visit, food and drinks, apparel and equipment, services, gifts and décor, publishing houses. 

Here you can find holiday-themed gifts, books, courses… You might never have heard of the existence of some of the shops, workshops or design studios. You can also find more information about the businesses’ founders on the website. 

You are three simple steps away from a good deed:

  • Go the website of the project.
  • Choose goods or services of the veteran-run business (on the website or social networks).
  • Share your story on Facebook / Instagram.

Ukraine has nearly 400 thousand veterans and 300 veteran-run businesses. The more attention is drawn to the goods or services offered by these businesses, the more people will be involved and the more support will be provided. 

We would also like to remind you that we have recently published an interview with the founder of ‘Veterano Brownie’, Roman Nabozhniak.

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