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Main Page / Charity News / In Ukraine a large platform has been launched with up-to-date data on the needs of animals

In Ukraine a large platform has been launched with up-to-date data on the needs of animals

Photo credit: UPAW

A new platform has been launched based on the website upaw.org. This is the biggest database in Ukraine offering up-to-date information on the situation with the humanitarian crisis in the field of animal welfare that has been brought about by the Russian invasion. As of today, the platform contains data on the needs of over 180 thousand dogs and cats. 

The register is formed based on the requests from the pets’ owners, custodians of stray animals, shelters, cynologist services and kennels. Currently, 30 thousand requests have been registered on the platform. The platform upaw.org belongs to the public organization UPAW that implements innovation management in the sphere of animal welfare. 

The launch of the platform was funded by international animal protection organizations Four Paws and Dogs Trust Worldwide. The technical side of the project was taken care of by the company Seventeam.

‚Having received the opportunity to establish a dialog with owners and custodians, we gathered analytical data that offer us a 99%-precise understanding of the needs that are to be met to provide a basic level of welfare for animals amid war. The situation still remains critical, especially in the regions that have been liberated and where hostilities are still taking place (while residents there have lost their homes). Thanks to the data provided by the platform upaw.org we get a full picture of how significant a rise there has been in the number of animals living on the streets and in shelters’, says Oksana Kosher, the head of UPAW.

Analytical data enable UPAW to effectively raise resources needed for helping animals. Olha Kyrylovych, the head of the communications department at UPAW, told us more,

‚At UPAW we are actively cooperating with international partners and thanks to the data provided by the platform upaw.org we can justify requests for food, veterinary medications, generators, etc. Since the beginning of the war we have provided help for over 130 thousand animals, having delivered over a million kilograms of humanitarian food, veterinary medications and other goods needed for animals to those regions of Ukraine that are especially affected by the war. We have also delivered equipment for veterinary clinics’

Organizations and companies abroad appreciate openness, transparency and systematic approach. They place much value on knowing and understanding who is the beneficiary of the help they send. Therefore, the existence of such a platform builds up trust and demonstrates an organization’s responsibility. It is also worth mentioning that all personal data are protected. They are not publicly available.  

‚International partners are ready to support Ukraine and offer help to dogs and cats in need. However, without having access to analytical data (how many animals are located in the regions close to the hostilities, who is taking care of them and what their needs are), it is difficult to assess the scope and priorities of help. It is for this reason that at the very start of the war we engaged in creating a website that has become the source for gathering analytical data from volunteers who look after homeless animals on the streets and in shelters as well as from animals’ owners. Apart from that, this is a wonderful tool for handling requests for aid sent by our Ukrainian and international partners in a transparent manner’, says the representative of the Four Paws International, Manuela Rowlings.

UPAW is planning to extend the functionality of the website. Soon it will feature the option of gathering data about the needs faced by veterinary clinics and animal protection organizations in Ukraine. The website will also offer detailed information about UPAW’s current projects. The Base of Knowledge for managers of shelters and veterinarians, which will be publicly available, will also be valuable. The base will also contain materials provided by world’s leading organizations that will help improve the qualifications of Ukrainian experts in the field of animal welfare. 

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