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Kurazh raffles off gifts

Кураж розігрує подарунки

Photo credit: Facebook Kurazh

Citizens of Kyiv have already grown accustomed to meeting at Kurazh (large, upbeat bazaar in Kyiv with vendors gathering once a month to sell diverse foods & eclectic wares – editor’s note), hanging out with friends, dancing and attending lectures, wandering about flea markets, enjoying company of other people, music and delicious food. Unfortunately, the last Kurazh will be held on October, 17.

In October Kurazh will hold a charity fundraising event celebrating the Mental Health Day. All the proceeds will be transferred to the public organization SOS Children’s Villages* for psychological help to affected families residing in Luhansk oblast.

The Kurazh team has published a list of 41 gifts, including certificates for a night at the hotel Bursa Kyiv, a holiday cake at Milk Bar, two concert tickets from concert.ua, a year’s supply of sweets (a monthly box of Namelaka) and many more.

To participate in the lottery, make a donation of 50 UAH+ (about 2 USD) on the platform dobro.ua by 23:00 of October, 17.

The number of donations is unlimited.

You will the link here

*SOS Children’s Villages – is a charitable non-governmental organization helping orphans and families that find themselves in difficult straits.

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