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IT without ageism: Zhyttieliub launches an educational course

IT без ейджизму: Життєлюб запускає навчальний курс Фото 2

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If you are over 50 and dreaming of working in the IT sector, we’ve got good news for you. The charitable foundation ‘Zhyttieliub’ (the Ukrainian for ‘Lifelover’ – editor’s note) in partnership with the IT-company UNITY-BARS and the educational IT-centre DAN.IT education are launching a free online overview course ‘IT profession for worklovers’.

The picture reads – Worklovers in IT – a free overview course
Source: Zhyttieliub

The online overview IT-course will start in December.  After its completion the most active and interested students will be invited to do a free course in the profession they will have chosen. This second course will last for several months. In the long run the active participants of the courses may be offered a job in the IT sector with competitive salary.   

So, you can participate in the overview course, if you meet the following requirements:

– over 50 years of age;

– a basic knowledge of using a PC (knowledge of Word and Excel is already a good start);

– higher technical education or a degree in math;

– have a computer, tablet or smartphone for watching lectures.

Should your parents or grandparents want to try themselves as IT folks, fill this Google-form out and wait for us to contact you! 

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