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Climate march to take place in Kyiv

У Києві відбудеться Кліматичний марш

Photo credit: Depositphotos

Climate change does not allow us to stay indifferent, since it exerts a direct impact on our lives. Not all of the changes are immediately apparent. However, it is high time we contemplated the issue. 

On September, 26 everyone interested will have the opportunity to join in a Climate march

The event is organized by the Center for ecological initiatives ‘Ecodiya’

The organizers demand change at the state level: they pursue the goal of having the state financial support increased for the measures of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions, adaptation to climate change and events related to environment protection.

You can get registered for the event by clicking on this link.

The Climate march is a peaceful public event. It will start at the Mykhailivska square and pass through the Independence Square, the European Square and the Ukrainian parliament, Verkhovna Rada.

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