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Big Heart: headscarf in partnership with OLIZ

Добре серце: хустка в колаборації з брендом OLIZ Фото 3

Darya Kolomiyets (L), Yevheniya Mazurenko (R), Photo credit: Olha Voychyk

The Ukrainian brand OLIZ in partnership with Zagoriy Foundation have joined the international charity movement #Giving Tuesday in Ukraine that will take place on November 30. This is the day that inspires millions of people worldwide to do good deeds popularizing the culture of charity.

Dmytro Dir. Photo credit: Olha Voychyk

The collection features a headscarf made of Italian silk with a printing on it, with the help of which the brand’s designer has added a creative touch to the symbol of Giving Tuesday – heart.

OLIZ and Zagoriy Foundation hope that this garment will remind everyone of the fact that it is easy to do good deeds.

15% of the proceeds from the sales of the headscarves will be donated to the public organization ‘Vidchuy’ (the Ukrainian for ‘Feel’ – editor’s note) which provides systematic aid and deals with community adjustment of people with hearing impairment.  

The price of the headscarf ranges from 2200 to 5200 UAH (about 80 and 190 USD – editor’s note). To buy it, please visit the website of the brand. 

Headscarves are available at 45х45 cm (17,7×17,7 in), 65х65 (25,5×25,5 in) and (39×39 in).

Left upper corner: Andriy and Liudmyla Pyshnyi, founders of the public organization ‘Vidchuy’.  Right upper corner: Yevheniya Mazurenko, director of the charitable Zagoriy Foundation.

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