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A reference book of no barriers brought out in Ukraine

В Україні з'явився довідник безбар’єрності

Photo credit: Depositphotos

If you doubt the purity of the expressions you use in your everyday communications, there’s great news for you: a reference book of no barriers will help your unconditional politeness out.

The language of no barriers is a language that does not contain words or phrases implying the biased, stereotype- and discrimination-based attitude to specific people or groups.

For instance, instead of the word ‘pensioner’ one should use the phrase ‘a senior citizen’. To learn more about how you could use female gender-specific titles, please visit this website

The key rule here is ‘to talk first about a person and not about their personality traits’. Mindful of this, we can easily orientate ourselves in everyday communication and minimize the number of possible mistakes.

Apart from the dictionary, the website also offers a ‘no barrier’ calendar

Besides, in order to understand what the phrase ‘no barrier’ implies, you can visit the website that provides all the answers.

We hope this website will become a daily assistant for everyone willing to interact in a conscious fashion.

Speaking of this topic, earlier we published an article on ableism.

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