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Сана Власова

Sana Vlasova

Author of the Media of Great Stories

Articles: 4

She works for Real Stories Production, which creates documentaries and animated videos, has conducted more than a hundred interviews, and her area of ​​interest is cultural and social journalism. In the past, she was the editor of a social talk show.

Sana Vlasova

From new to old
Засновник Veterano Pizza: «Навіть соціально відповідальний бізнес — в першу чергу бізнес» фото 5
12 November, 2021

Veterano Pizza founder: ‘Even socially responsible business remains first and foremost business’

From the first day of its opening Veterano Pizza has not only been about delicious pizza, but about something much more. This is a restaurant where war veterans work together with those who have never been in war. Its atmosphere reminds its visitors about the need to help and support one another not only in […]

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31 July, 2022


The girl Vira, the main character of the book “My forced vacation”, sleeps in the bathroom next to her parents and little brother. She hears planes buzzing and shellings whistle above her head. Vira keeps a diary: she writes down her thoughts, observations and collects there some clippings with psychological advice. Kateryna Yehorushkina’s new book […]

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Три види свободи: хто такі FREEki? Фото 9
08 February, 2022

Three types of freedom: who are FREEki?

Here’s our new article about a new clothing brand that places extreme value on the freedom of self-expression, choice and the freedom to be yourself.  This story began with a compliment. A friend of mine came to work wearing a navy blue sweatshirt. I told her it was beautiful, to which she said, ‚Oh, it […]

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Кредит довіри: які можливості банки створюють для благодійності Фото 1
21 October, 2021

Credit of trust: what opportunities do banks create for philanthropy

“What do you want to do with the change?” the replenishment terminal asks and offers to transfer money to a mobile account or to philanthropy. That’s how the machine offers a person to take the side of good. Thanks to financial apps, you can do good deeds just by pushing some buttons on your smartphone. […]

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