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Zagoriy Foundation: who are we?

Zagoriy Foundation: хто ми? Фото 22

Through the charitable foundation Zagoriy Foundation, the Zagoriy family donated € 65,000 to preserve St. Sophia Cathedral and the complex of adjacent monastery buildings.

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Zagoriy Foundation is a family charitable foundation with a mission to develop the culture of charitable giving in Ukraine.

The Foundation provides long-term support to the initiatives important for Ukrainian society, creates events and communication campaigns aimed at promoting charitable activities, conducts grant competitions and research in the field of philanthropy in Ukraine.


The Foundation was set up by Glib, Kateryna and Volodymyr Zagoriy to develop the culture of charitable giving in Ukraine, as well as to disseminate the values ​​and experience of the founders. For many years, the Zagoriy family has donated a significant portion of their profits to philanthropy. In 2015, a family foundation was established for the sustainable and systematic development of the culture of charitable giving.

2019 was a year of both internal changes and significant external transformations for the foundation. The Zagoriy Family Foundation changed the name under which it worked in 2015-2019 to Zagoriy Foundation. The Director Eugenia Mazurenko was appointed to head the Foundation.

Key projects and partnerships

Giving Tuesday

Zagoriy Foundation Director Eugenia Mazurenko at the conference “Giving Tuesday: New Approaches to Philanthropy” (February 2020)

Giving Tuesday is Day of Good Deeds, Ukrainian analogue of the global initiative GivingTuesday. It is celebrated annually on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving. The aim of the project is to involve as many people as possible in phinanthropy and to show that it is possible to help not only financially, but also with time, knowledge or talents.

Ukraine joined the initiative in 2018 and became the 154th member of the movement.

The Day of Good Deeds Giving Tuesday in Ukraine was initiated by Kateryna Zagoriy. Along with Zagoriy Foundation, the interest group included the Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum, Tabletochkyi Charitable Foundation and Dobrodiy Club.

Every year, the project gains scale. As of 2020, more than 500 initiatives and more than 120,000 participants have joined the Day of Good Deeds. 

Research on the development of philanthropy

For the sustainable development of the culture of charitable giving, Zagoriy Foundation is initiating its own third sector research.

The Foundation seeks to qualitatively develop the culture of charitable giving in Ukraine through a better understanding of the field and its current needs. All research is publicly available on the Foundation’s website

Global Teacher Prize

Natalia Zyma receives the Global Teacher Prize Outstanding Chemistry Teacher from Zagoriy Foundation

Zagoriy Foundation has been supporting the Global Teacher Prize in Ukraine since 2019. The National Prize was established in 2017 by Osvitoria.

The Outstanding Chemistry Teacher Award from the Zagoriy Foundation is awarded to an outstanding teacher who promotes the development of quality education in Ukraine. The winner receives a prize of UAH 100,000, and another UAH 100,000 goes to the school where the teacher works to address urgent problems. In 2020, Natalia Zyma won the title of the best chemistry teacher. 

Partnership with the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation

In 2019, Zagoriy Foundation and the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Zagoriy Foundation became the first strategic partner of UCF among private charitable foundations of Ukraine.

Read more about the results of the partnership here

KSE Entrepreneurship Program for the veterans

Zagoriy Foundation is one of key donors of Kyiv School of Economics. In 2018, the Foundation helped KSE create a training program on entrepreneurship for ATO and OFU veterans.

The Foundation remains one of key donors to the program, which has already been implemented in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Vinnytsia and other cities. Over the years, more than 100 participants have successfully applied the acquired knowledge and skills, starting their own businesses.

Serhii and Maria Bondarenko received support for the development of Medobar Honey of happy bees project.

Support to Ukrainian Catholic University

Since 2015, the Foundation has been a long-term partner of Ukrainian Catholic University. The support from Zagoriy Foundation helps UCU ensure the implementation of European educational practices in Ukraine. Thanks to the development program of Ukrainian Catholic University, the best students receive annual scholarships to study in Lviv and Kyiv, the resource and technical base is being updated, and campuses are being developed.

Cultural projects implemented with the support of Zagoriy Foundation

Lesya Ukrainka: 150 names (2021)

Photo from the opening of the exhibition Lesya Ukrainka: 150 names in the Ukrainian House

Zagoriy Foundation has become an official partner of the art project created on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the outstanding poet.

On February 25 – on Lesya Ukrainka’s birthday – the large-scale project Lesya Ukrainka: 150 Names was officially opened.

Saint Sophia Cathedral Preservation Project (2020)

Zagoriy Foundation co-founder Kateryna Zagoriy at a press briefing on September 16, 2020

In fall 2020, the innovative Swiss equipment BioDry was installed on the territory of Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv, which will help eliminate the problem of excessive moisture formation in the buildings of the Cathedral.

The technology was installed thanks to modern patrons: pharmaceutical companies Darnytsia, Interchem and the charity Zagoriy Foundation.

Exhibition of Pavlo Gudimov Angels (2019)

Curator’s tour by Pavlo Gudimov around the Angels exhibition

The large-scale art project, which involved more than 40 Ukrainian institutions, aimed to analyze the phenomenon of angels and trace their image from ancient Greece and Rome to the present.

During three months in Lviv, visitors were able to see more than 400 unique exhibits from museum and private collections.

Aeneid. Visual history of the legendary poem (2017)

On August 24, 2017, a large-scale exhibition Aeneid Project was presented at the National Art Museum of Ukraine with the support of Zagoriy Foundation. It combines about 200 artifacts – Illustrations, easel painting and graphics, theatrical posters and animation, photos and videos, books related to the visual images of the poem by Ivan Kotlyarevskyi.

Follow the latest events and news of Zagoriy Foundation on the website, Facebook or Instagram.

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