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Zagoriy Foundation becomes a member of EFC

Zagoriy Foundation став членом EFC

Photo: Facebook EFC

Zagoriy Foundation became the first foundation in Ukraine to join one of Europe’s largest foundation associations and corporate sponsors, the European Foundation Centre.

Today, the European Foundation Centre has 241 members from 33 countries. EFC is working to strengthen the charity sector and promote charity as a powerful tool for change.

Here is how Oleksandra Lytvynenko, Head of Development and Partnerships, comments on this event:

“We are very proud to be a member of the EFC. The entry process was quite complex and long – the preparation and approval of our membership lasted more than six months. However, we are happy that with our work, we prove once again that Zagoriy Foundation deserves to be on the same level with the leading American and European foundations. We will continue to promote the culture of charitable giving and disseminate global trends in philanthropy in Ukraine. Since not every representative of the third sector speak foreign languages, we want all benefactors to have access to information.”

Zagoriy Foundation has been a member of the international organization of charitable foundations WINGS since 2019 and the association of family foundations National Center for Family Philanthropy since May 2020. 

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