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Вікторія Степаненко

Viktoria Stepanenko

Author of the Media of Great Stories

Articles: 6

Journalist, host of podcasts. Launched a YouTube channel on the topic of sex education. In addition, she shoots commercials as an editor and director.

Viktoria Stepanenko

From new to old
23 November, 2021

Mykola Davydyuk and the road to modernization of a rural museum in Kharkiv oblast

A story about how seemingly impossible dreams may lead to profound changes.  Have you ever heard of the village Parkhomivka located 100 km of Kharkiv? Do you know that the local museum hosts works of the world renowned artists such as Picasso, Malevich and Kandinsky?   If so, the chances are that you have heard about […]

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Віталій Дейнега про вигоряння, звільнення військових і донати. Велике інтерв’ю фото 4
04 November, 2021

Vitaliy Deynega about burnout, the resignation of soldiers from the military and donation:big interview

The interview on why he left the post of the head of SaveLIFE Foundation, how he connects his publicity with the organisation’s promotion, and what achievements he considers the most worthy. SaveLIFE Foundation is literally one of the most well-known foundations in Ukraine because of two reasons:  as a foundation that effectively assists the military: […]

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29 May, 2022


A Ukrainian collects works of our artisans from different regions of the country for an exhibition that will be organized abroad aimed at raising funds for the support of Ukraine.  Oleksandra Burbela was born in Alchevsk, the town in which she was not raised, though. Until she reached the age of 16 she had been […]

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Відновити минуле. Як три родини на Львівщині реконструюють старовинний палац Фото 7
21 February, 2022

Restoring the past. How three families are reconstructing a centuries-old palace in the Lviv oblast

The village of Pidhirtsi, which is located in the Lviv oblast, hosts a 250-year-old castle. Nobody has been maintaining it since Soviet times. It has been falling into decay ever since, until its walls became covered with mold, teetering on the brink of collapse.  However, about eight years ago three families, namely the Herha, Bernyk […]

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Доступне місто: чотири проєкти, які руйнують бар'єри Фото 3
07 February, 2022

Do it yourself: four local crowdfunding platforms that change Ukrainian cities

What kind of future is possible when it is being directly influenced by the public? A city is changing when representatives of the business sector, of local authorities and civil society join their forces for this purpose. It is changing when its citizens are aware of the fact that one cannot rely upon the state. […]

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Мода на екологічність: українські дизайнери та апсайклінг
22 December, 2021

Vogue For All Things Eco-friendly: Ukrainian Designers And Upcycling

Meet the Ukrainian designers who promote world fashion.  The fashion industry is beautiful, expensive and … harmful. In 2012 Natural Science published a report which said that the fabric industry is the second biggest water pollutant in the world after the agricultural sector. With the passing of time journalists started finding out that the fashion industry is […]

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