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Kateryna Igolkina

Journalist, author of the Media of Great Stories

Articles: 1

Communications manager on the platform of culture of remembrance Past/Future/Art. She has been working in the field of culture and media for the past 10 years. Kateryna also worked with the internet magazine Platform.ua and the ISOLATION foundation.

Kateryna Igolkina

From new to old
Спочатку був кекс: рецепт сталості від Good Bread from Good People Фото 8
07 December, 2021

In the beginning was the cupcake: Good bread from good people share the recipe of maturity

How to open a social business and not burn out? The Good Bread from Good People bakery in Kyiv has been operating for four years and employing people with mental disabilities for the same time. It is one of the most sustainable social enterprises in Ukraine and one of the few that have been operating […]

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