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Ilustration by Kilina Bisher, Anna Maksymenko and Taisiya Arkhipova

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Ukrainian companies have been actively assisting with significant financial contributions and other resources. Businesses donated millions of hryvnias to the army. IT companies keep paying salaries to workers who went to the front.

Banks paid taxes in the month ahead. Creative hubs, coworking spaces and theatres give shelter to internally displaced people. Restaurants prepare food for the territorial defence units. Clothing brands have retrained to sew clothing, bulletproof vests and footwear for defenders.

The third part of the article tells about charitable initiatives of restaurants, clothing brands, bookstores, publishing houses and other companies.


Since Russia’s full-scale invasion, many restaurants have turned into volunteer kitchens and now prepare food for our defenders, doctors and the elderly.


Dubler cafe, Pure & Naive, Avangarden, Kosatka, WineLove, Glek, Mates and others have joined the Kyiv National Restaurant Team. They cook and deliver food/water to hospitals, children’s hospitals, the military, blood centers and senior citizens who remain in Kyiv and can’t stand in line for several hours. All these people can be supported financially.

Dmytro Borysov’s family of restaurants cook food for the Armed Forces, territorial defence units, the State Emergency Service, doctors, public utilities and volunteer organizations that provide care for the elderly. Currently, 3,500 servings of hot food are prepared per day. Follow the link to find out how to support them.

Alex Cooper, together with Kyiv Food Market residents and partners, organized volunteer kitchens in Kyiv. They cook about 20,000 meals for defenders every day. He also opened three Palyanytsia restaurants, where senior citizens can eat for free.

Bank details for support:


ТОВ «ФУД ТУРБІН«Код 39883749 Р/р — UA 58 300528 0000026003455011911 в АТ «ОТП БАНК»

The team of Yevhen Klopotenko also organized cooking points in different places. They also raise funds among international companies.

In addition, Klopotenko and Inna Popereshniuk opened their first restaurant in Lviv. “If you struggle with financial difficulties, you can always find free food here. You should order a menu №2, and we’ll understand. We cook a new dish every day for this menu, also serve tasty coffee and salad. “We need to stick together”, – wrote Yevhen Klopotenko on his Facebook page.

Ju Ju Cafe cooks for the Armed Forces and doctors. Bank account for donations: 5358385350007243

China hi restaurant cooks 1000 servings per day for hospitals and territorial defence units.  Bank account for donations:  4441114450745540 FEDOROVA KATERYNA

Egersund Seafood Restaurant has transformed its activities into providing hot food to hospitals and military units.

Naive.food.wine treats everyone to free hot dinners from the chefs.

The KVSK Bar serves free lunches for the elderly.

Zavertaylo and Honey teams cook food for the Armed Forces, territorial defence units, children in hospitals and the elderly.

Sapiga bakery bakes bread for the soldiers and those in need.

Mates Café bakes bread and cooks food for the Armed Forces and doctors.

In Dnipro, the restaurant “Manyana” prepares for the Armed Forces, hospitals and police crews. Bank details for donations:

Mono Bank 4441114452708496

Pryvat Bank 5168757391974112

In Zaporizhzhia Giusti team cooks for the local territorial defence units. 

Bank details for donations:

5363542308227371, Olga

In Mukachevo, “Poriadny Gazda” and “Chizay Mala Gora” cook for internally displaced people and territorial defence units. 

Account number: 5221 1911 0094 5087.

«Taverna Mukachevo» also cooks for internally displaced people and territorial defence units. 

Bank details for support: 4149499380464212.

Fast-food chains McDonald’s and KFC

Local councils provide food from restaurants in safe cities. The restaurants deliver products that require cooking: doughnuts, desserts, cheese, milk, water, juices, tomatoes, apple slices, as well as eggs, glasses, forks, spoons, and mixers.

KFC restaurants have opened cooking kitchens for military hospitals, civil hospitals, territorial defence units and the military.

Bookstores and publishing houses

Yakaboo bookstores, bookstore “Ye”, publishing houses “A-ba-ba-ha-la-ma-ha”, The Old Lion Publishing House, “KSD”, “Smoloskyp”, “Ranok”, “Nash Format” and others donated funds for the army. Humanitarian warehouses are located in the Old Lion Publishing House bookstores in Lviv.

Brands of clothing, footwear and accessories


The company ceased its commercial activities for the needs of the Ukrainian defenders. They distribute free men’s and women’s underwear, socks, T-shirts, and sweaters for the needs of the territorial defence units, the Armed Forces and volunteers.


The manufacturer of backpacks and bags has started to sew bulletproof vests on a volunteer basis. Moreover, the Horondi workshop serves as a place to spend the night for internally displaced persons.

DODO socks

DODO socks brand has opened a distribution center for children’s tights and socks in Lviv for all volunteers working for internally displaced people. In addition, they deliver socks and underwear for the territorial defence units. The brand also created a collection supporting the Armed Forces called “To Victory”. The pre-sale raised UAH 1,600,000 for the army in less than a month.


The Pilsok brand sews bulletproof vests for territorial defence.


Kyiv brand Syndicate sews thermal underwear for Armed Forces and territorial defence soldiers.

They announced a fundraising campaign and in less than seven hours, they raised almost twice as much as planned: UAH 591,000 instead of UAH 340,000.

Syndicate brand also distributes for free items from past collections suitable for extreme conditions.


The Kachorovska brand sews army boots for Ukrainian soldiers. Several shoe manufacturers and two raw material manufacturers have joined forces to launch the production. Army boots are delivered for the needs of military battalions and territorial defences.

Andre Tan

Andre Tan began sewing bulletproof vests, sleeping bags, fleece sweaters, underwear, balaclavas, tents and other necessities for the soldiers.


Gorgany stores in Lviv, Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Rivne, Zhytomyr, Chernivtsi and Vinnytsia became collection points of stuff for the Armed Forces. They also take empty gas cylinders for refuelling and send them full to the front.

In addition, the brand sews advanced equipment (thermal underwear, sleeping bags, etc.). Gorgany team also shared Turbat patterns for sewing thermal underwear, sleeping bags, balaclavas and fleeces. The patterns can be downloaded by everyone who has a garment factory and is ready to help.

Also, thanks to foreign partners, they receive and send karemats to the Armed Forces, the territorial defence units and volunteers.

ByMe clothing brand sews bulletproof vests for the military.

Veteran Hub

Veteran Hub has launched a support line for relatives of veterans and the military.

It is available from all over Ukraine by phone 067 348 28 68 daily from 8:00 to 22:00.

Psychologists’ support and legal advice are available for clients from all over Ukraine. All consultations are free and confidential. You can also get legal advice on documents and registration in a new place, go abroad, receive social benefits, as well as education for children.


Before the war, the Transcarpathian plant “Eurocar” produced modern cars Skoda, Volkswagen, Seat, Audi. On the first day of the war, the car plant stopped production and turned it into a humanitarian hub, which receives humanitarian aid from European countries and sends it to the country’s hotspots.


On the first day of the war, Ukrainian IT companies raised UAH 710 million. They also support volunteer initiatives by raising funds abroad, supplying the territorial defence forces with medicine, security and computer equipment, and creating online platforms to search for housing, military assistance, etc.

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